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I am actually listening to myself think…and we all know nothing good can come of that.  Oh, for the mind-numbing pastime that is TV.  *sigh* 

And what have I been doing with all my time now that television no longer occupies it?  Nothing productive, that’s for sure. The bulk of my time has been spent skulking around Facebook, reading the minute details of people’s profiles and checking this blog’s stats.   Oh, the places I’ll go! And I have a television-free life to thank for it!

Five days to go.

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television2Hi, my name is GaijinGirl and I am a TV addict.  Admitting the problem is the first step to curing it, right?  But, do I really want to?  Do I want to give up the guilty pleasure of cheesy reality shows and political pundits, of fake talk show banter and the endless array of improbably crime scene investigation dramas?  


After six plus years of Japanese television (if you’ve seen I Survived a Japanese Game Show, you know my pain) and limited access to American shows via satelite television, it has been great to be able to choose from 100 channels (of nothing) now that I’m back in the US.  The things I had missed out on while in Japan include:  The Amazing Race, The Office, 30 Rock, The Sopranos (final season), West Wing (final season), Sex and the CIty (final season), and Friends (final couple of seasons).  Shows I sadly did NOT miss out on:  Outback Jack, Are You Hot?, LAX, and Mutant X (a poor man’s X-Men).  


Since my return, I’ve been making up for lost time.  And, because I have been working from home of late, television has been the backdrop to all my activities throughout the day.  I have liked listening to Meredith, Rachel, Tavis, Charlie, Bonnie, Ellen and Oprah while editing some articles for theglasshammer.com or while fighting my way through a dense Japanese-language email for a privilege review for my law job.


I’ve always worked best with background noise.  I’ve studied for all my big tests (the LSAT and the NY Bar included) in the food courts of various shopping malls.  Those locales offer the perfect background din, coupled with built-in sustenance sources and proximity to study break activities (read: people watching, window shopping, shoe purchasing). 


But, one purpose of The List is to get me to rethink the way I’ve always done things.  To see if a fresh perspective, an alternative route, or even a blank slate will provide me with a new truth about myself and life.  And while my giving up TV for one week is not going to bring about world peace, it may bring me some inner peace and quiet. Or maybe it will allow me to reconnect with radio and music, from which I’ve become rather disconnected over the years in Japan. (J-pop is all fine and good but not really something one can take on a regluar basis.)  Or maybe it will make me more productive, forcing me to turn to the many books on my reading pile or my piano, rather than the remote.  Or maybe it will just, in the end, convince me that television is my soulmate and that we should never be apart again.  Who knows?


This, the first day of the experiment, went pretty well. I put a big piece of paper over the TV in my bedroom (and hid the remote) so that I wouldn’t just unconsciously flip on the television when I woke up.  I moved with computer et. al. down to the kitchen to avoid temptation.  And, with the radio going full blast on a local rock station, I set about working. The day went pretty quickly, maybe because I didn’t have the reminder of each hour passing.  (Oh, it’s Oprah, it must be 4 PM.)  


The evening was the toughest though, knowing that I’m missing the season opener for 24 and other prime time shows. And, I keep feeling like I’m forgetting to do something.  And, I can actually hear the clock ticking.  Creepy.  


Six more days to go…

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